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  • Designing.
  • Development.
  • Web Marketing.
  • Volo TV.
  • Citizens Advice Scotland.
  • Tenant Deposit
  • SPH One Search.

Volo TV: (Development of On-Train Entertain System)
Pulsion is the key software supplied within the volotv & which developed a state of on train entertainment S/M. this system used by thousand of passenger across first great western high speed train. This system provided via touch screen monitor & fully interactive to customers. (TV & news)
Split one search (Development of GIS based Map Rendering System)
Development and support of digit map rendering and display system. The use of modem mapping technology allows staff to overlay data on various map sets including the ordinance survey master map product and Google maps.
Tenant Deposit: (online payment Website)
Pulsion technology was to design and develop a system to administer tenant’s deposits on zero deposit guarantee scheme. This creates an insurance guarantee, which triggers recurring monthly payment throughout lifetime of the guarantee.

Citizens Advice Scotland (Electronic case Management)
This project centered on the spoke development and implemented of pulsion’s common case management solution. The uses core case management functionality including document management, kleokflow electronic case handling and call centre management.

Esquiggles: (Mobile Working Software)
                This site features blogs, videos, animations and secure client login areas. It built on a word press content management S/M. It allows update of content and drives search engine optimization.

NHS Iphone Application (Service Finder)
                The NHS service finder Iphone Application helps the public when making a decision on where to go when in need of urgent and emergency health care 24 hour a day, seven days set remainder for important appointment like your next dentist appointment.


  • Reduce waiting time for patient.
  • Reduce missed appointments.
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) can inform emergency service, about the  patient condition & symptoms.

BBC (Mobile Video Distribution):
BBC content including videos, audio and games were broadcast from my oxygen mobile hubs using Bluetooth, on a number of London buses on certain routes in London. My oxygen mobile used securely on metro line Buses and passengers were prompted to switch Bluetooth onto participate.

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